CQT feedback meeting
"Things change because CQT comes."


By empowering partnerships between consumers, providers and administrators, CQT's unique process improves consumers' quality of life and the quality of services provided.

Immediate Feedback

CQT's process makes it possible for immediate action to be taken to improve the match between services provided and the expressed needs of consumers. CQT Site Visit Reports and Feedback Meetings are effective mechanisms for making sure individual concerns are addressed as well as illuminating statewide trends and issues.

Find out how a specific concern moves through the CQT process.

As stated in CQT's Annual Reports, the majority of the comments shared by consumers in interviews with CQT are positive comments about staff, programming, resources and other services. Consumers' praise and suggestions for improvement are shared with agencies across the state looking to integrate successful strategies in their jurisdictions.

Empowering Partnerships

CQT creates a venue where consumers, providers, administrators and policy makers can share information, create solutions and work in partnership. Read more about how CQT's activities encourage consumer empowerment and engagement in service design and delivery.

Success Stories

CQT's primary goal is to address the needs and concerns of individuals served by the public mental health system. Our Success Stories show how a CQT interview, site visit, report or meeting improved an individual consumer's quality of life.

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