CQT feedback meeting
"I cannot adequately convey my pleasure about the CQT process and its impact on the system and consumers."

—Working Group Member

CQT's process fosters empowerment and builds strong partnerships across Maryland's public mental health system.

Consumer Empowerment

CQT is staffed exclusively by consumers and family members who are in recovery, achieving their goals and giving back to the community. Having personal knowledge and shared experience of behavioral health issues helps CQT Interviewers create a welcoming space where open, honest dialogue can happen during a site visit. Consumers opinions, concerns and suggestions are valued, and the CQT process ensures that individual requests and general feedback are promptly delivered to the right people in the system. Read CQT Success Stories.

What do consumers say about CQT?

CQT was very friendly, very professional, good listeners, and caring.

I felt comfortable.

CQT has been very helpful over the years. You can bounce ideas off of them and they will give you things to think about. They've been there to listen and have been really supportive.

Talking to CQT helped me talk to staff about things that I needed. It felt good. I count CQT as a part of my success; I am so glad you are part of my recovery.

They listened to me.

They ask the right questions.

"Things change because CQT comes."

I usually have a hard time talking to people, but I was able to give CQT feedback.

CQT are the first people to sit down and listen to my story.

CQT's work is so cool. It's nice. It's nice to help us.

What do CQT staff say about this unique process?

CQT allows consumers to talk in an open way about their experience. There is no hierarchy; no one is judging them or analyzing them. It is this even ground that encourages consumers to talk about their minor and/or major issues. My favorite part of [being a CQT Interviewer] is the true exchange that occurs between interviewer and interviewee.

After being interviewed, many consumers express interest in getting involved with mental health advocacy, or even joining the CQT team! CQT encourages everyone involved in the behavioral health system to connect with local resources and opportunities.

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Working in Partnership

CQT values providers and administrators as partners in finding the best ways to meet the needs of individual consumers and improve the quality of services provided.

CQT values open-mindedness and neutrality, accuracy and objectivity. We are not clinicians, special advocates, or investigators. We don't evaluate. We are consumers and family members who are dedicated to listening carefully to individuals, developing good working relationships within the behavioral health system, recognizing and supporting recovery-oriented services, and quickly reporting important information accurately to the people who can solve problems and improve quality.

What do providers say about the CQT process?

CQT's process gives us immediate feedback.

CQT is not intimidating. This is collaboration with everyone.

With CQT, we can always count on them to follow up.

CQT is the missing link in quality assurance monitoring.

CQT generates ideas about how to improve our services and sometimes helps us to explain to our administration why we may need to do more in some areas.

As stated in CQT's Annual Reports, the majority of the comments shared by consumers in interviews with CQT are positive comments about staff, programming, resources and other services. Consumers praise and suggestions for improvement are shared with agencies across the state looking to integrate successful strategies in their jurisdictions.

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Collaboration & Community

Many of the quotes throughout the CQT website were given by consumers, providers, administrators and CQT staff members during the evaluation of the CQT program by the Systems Evaluation Center at the University of Maryland. CQT is committed to the vision of consumers and family members as full participants in the design, delivery and evaluation of services including CQT itself. We will continue to be evaluated, as comments and suggestions from consumers, providers and administrators have proved invaluable in helping CQT to find new ways improve the quality of our own services.

CQT's Advisory Committee is comprised of consumers, family members, providers, researchers, advocates, and administrators from across Maryland. Many AC members served on the working group that started CQT, and their insight, effort, and dedication have made the CQT program a success.

CQT staff also actively participates in a number of initiatives, committees, organizations and working groups addressing behavioral health system design and delivery in Maryland.

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