CQT people
"CQT is a good tool that... establishes a direct relationship to the provider."

PRP Staff

CQT partners with consumers, providers and state agencies to solve problems in the public mental health system.

1. Site Visit

CQT teams make announced and unannounced site visits to public behavioral health facilities in Maryland. During the visit, consumers volunteer for confidential, qualitative interviews. CQT concludes the visit with a verbal report of general comments to program staff. This Immediate Site Visit Report also includes any individual requests that consumers ask CQT to bring to staff on their behalf. Each site is visited 3-6 times each fiscal year, ensuring that concerns from previous visits have been addressed.

2. Reports

CQT provides a written Site Visit Report of consumers’ comments in their own words. This report is given to the program director and the funding/oversight agency.

3. Feedback Meeting

CQT holds regular Feedback Meetings with representatives from the funding/oversight agencies, provider associations and the Behavioral Health Administration. Concerns brought up during site visits are monitored, addressed, referred to the appropriate agency or resolved immediately at the table. Each funding agency provides CQT with a written report documenting actions undertaken to resolve consumer concerns.

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