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"CQT Feedback Meetings are concrete, and after each meeting I feel like I have more power to do my job. This is one of the meetings I look forward to."

—Feedback Meeting Participant

Feedback Meetings allow consumers comments, concerns and suggestions to be heard and discussed at multiple levels of the public mental health system.

Feedback Meetings close the loop, ensuring that individuals issues, concerns or requests have been addressed by the appropriate staff whether it be staff at the program, the senior management of the facility or the funding/oversight agency.

These meetings also provide an opportunity for attendees to hear consumers general concerns, praise and suggestions about different programs and initiatives throughout the state.

CQT holds four types of Feedback Meetings:

PRP Feedback Meeting

Every month, CQT convenes with representatives from the Core Service Agencies (CSA), provider associations and the Behavioral Health Administration (BHA) for a Feedback Meeting.

During the meeting, CQT teams review all PRP Site Visit Reports from the previous month. Issues brought up by consumers during the site visit are addressed, referred, or resolved at the table as CSAs report out on their follow up actions. Each CSA provides CQT with a written report documenting how each issue raised was addressed.

Inpatient Facility Feedback Meeting

At regular intervals, CQT meets with the CEO and senior management of each inpatient adult and youth facility to review recent Site Visit Reports for each unit. Issues brought up by individual consumers are addressed along with facility-wide trends. Each CEO provides CQT with a written report documenting any follow-up actions.

BHA Feedback Meeting

CQT meets quarterly with senior staff at BHA to discuss reports from all sites visited since the previous meeting, to ensure all concerns are addressed. This meeting focuses on consumers experiences with the public behavioral health system as a whole.

There are 4 types of meetings:
1. PRP Feedback Meetings
2. Inpatient Facility Feedback Meetings
3. Youth and Family Feedback Meetings
4. BHA Feedback Meeting

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