CQT series of photos
"I cannot adequately convey my pleasure about the CQT process and its impact on the system and consumers."

—Working Group Member

Supporters from mental health organizations across Maryland collaborated to build the Consumer Quality Team of Maryland.

Program Development

Based on the reported success of other consumer quality programs, a group formed in the 1990s to advocate bringing such a program to Maryland. This working group included consumers, family members, providers, advocates, Core Service Agencies and the Behavioral Health Administration. The team evaluated similar programs in other jurisdictions and concluded that a program active in Philadelphia was the preferred model to reach Maryland consumers.

Philadelphia Model

The Consumer Satisfaction Team, Inc. of Philadelphia is the first consumer/family run quality assurance agency. Since 1990, they have successfully resolved consumers problems and formed successful partnerships with providers by collecting information without judgment or blame and focusing on problem resolution.

Maryland Program

CQT began making site visits to behavioral facilities in January 2007. Within the first few weeks of operation, we were able to identify specific areas of consumer dissatisfaction about programs. Providers made immediate changes based on our findings, and consumers reported substantial improvement within a month of our initial visit.

After hearing positive feedback about the CQT process from both consumers and providers, the Behavioral Health Administration approved a plan for statewide expansion of the program. Expansion started in 2007, and CQT now makes site visits to every county in Maryland.

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