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"The CQT Interviewers are always very kind and do a great job. They really make the clients feel comfortable. It makes for a pleasant experience for everyone"

—PRP Staff

CQT is a consumer-run organization, staffed entirely by mental health consumers and family members.

Independent and Objective

CQT is a program of Mental Health Association of Maryland (MHAMD), a private, non-profit organization providing education, outreach and advocacy on behalf of individuals with mental illnesses. While our headquarters is located in Lutherville, CQT teams travel across the state to conduct site visits.

CQT is supported by funding from the Behavioral Health Administration of the Department of Mental Health of the State of Maryland and is authorized by BHA to conduct site visits to programs in the public mental health system.

CQT is guided by an Advisory Committee, comprised of consumers, family members, providers, researchers, advocates, and administrators many of whom served on the working group that started CQT.

All CQT employees receive training on qualitative interviewing, note-taking, and reporting protocols. Many also pursue additional mental health skills trainings, including Mental Health First Aid.

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Consumer-Run Organization

CQT is staffed exclusively by consumers and family members. CQT defines consumer as someone who has lived with mental illness and/or substance use disorders family member as someone with a close relative of a consumer experience. There are many other terms used throughout the behavioral health community to describe people with lived experience: peer, client, member, patient, user, ex-patient, survivor, person in recovery, etc.

We believe behavioral health consumers have significant personal knowledge and experience that is essential to building a recovery-oriented and effective system of care.

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Unique Program for Open Dialogue

The CQT model recognizes that individuals share their thoughts, feelings, opinions and suggestions most honestly when they trust that the person listening understands, cares and respects them. As consumers and family members, CQT Interviewers have the personal knowledge and shared experience that supports open dialogue. Read more about our process.

CQT updates protocol, procedure and training processes as the program continues to grow. We regularly solicit feedback from our staff, consumers, providers, and system administrations on how we can improve the efficiency and effectiveness of our program. Read more about Collaboration & Community.

CQT participates in the larger behavioral health community and consumer movement through outreach and training events throughout the year.

Contact us for information on scheduling a presentation or consultation.

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